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    The main activity of the company is power engineering. The company is also engaged in the production of various types of low voltage panels for power distribution, protection and control cabinets, and industry automation panels. In addition, design appears as a necessary supporting activity.


    To become a powerful company in power engineering and to deliver high-quality, cost-effective projects on schedule, by employing and supporting motivated, flexible and focused teams.


    Substation building and reconstruction is the core business of Mins Elektro. The company’s goals are the increase of the market share in HV engineering in the region, company growth and the expansion of human resources.

    OKKEN Low voltage systems

    Mins Elektro is fully authorized and trained licensed partner (only partner in Serbia and in Montenegro) for design, manufacturing, assembling and testing of Okken Switchboards. The product is assembled in full conformity with IEC 61439, all applicable normative, laws and regulations, and also following Schneider Electric recommendations and standards. After the process of design and manufacturing we put strong accent on factory tests which we preform with special attention and following applicable standards. With MINS Elektro you can expect complete technical solution for either fixed or withdrawable switchboards which will suite your needs and operating conditions. Also, you can get complete after-sale service and strong technical support.


    • Low voltage panels for power distribution
    • Low voltage reactive power compensation cabinets
    • Substations auxiliary power supply systems
    • Relay and control panels with substation automation system
    • Automation cabinets


    • Building and reconstruction of HV substations
    • Building, reconstruction and retrofit of MV substations
    • Testing and measuring
    • Design
    • Commissioning